Irene Hsiao


“Broken Chord: Sounding Out the Ideogram in Marilyn Chin’s Rhapsody in Plain Yellow,” Multi-Ethnic Literature of the US 37.3 (2012): 189-214.

Broken Chord pdf

“Calculating Loss in Tennyson’s In Memoriam,” Victorian Poetry 47.1 (2009): 173-196.

Tennyson pdf

“Early William Carlos Williams—Bad Keats?” Cambridge Quarterly 37.2 (2008): 195-223. Awarded the Louis Martz Prize by the William Carlos Williams Society in 2009.

Bad Keats pdf

“Spots of Slime: Wordsworth, Roethke, Loss, and Lyric,” Literary Imagination 11.3 (2009):  335-348.

Spots of Slime pdf

“The Pang of Stone Words,” in J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan In and Out of Time, ed. Anita Tarr and Donna White, Children’s Literature Centennial Studies n. 4 (2006) 155-172.

Invited Reviews

Review of Alexander Regier’s Fracture and Fragmentation in British Romanticism, Modern Philology 111.1 (August 2013). E01-E04.

Review of Cecile Chu-chin Sun’s The Poetics of Repetition in English and Chinese Lyric Poetry, Modern Philology 111.2 (Nov. 2013). E189-E192.


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