Irene Hsiao



photo by Andrew Sherman

I have appeared with Kinetech Arts, Lenora Lee Dance, Alma Esperanza Cunningham Movement, Winifred Haun & Dancers, South Chicago Dance Theatre, Yin He Dance, Carole McCurdy, Erica Mott Productions, Labayen Dance/SF, Matter Dance, Glory Dance, MC Squared, Urban Pointe Evoc’tion, Jamie Horban, and various other projects in the US and Asia.

I also write about dance and choreograph. Selected works include Cascade, a collaboration with Yael Vidan to the original music of Yao Chen, presented in the lobby of the Smart Museum of Art, the opening and closing numbers to Drupelets, a play based on the short stories of Kurt Vonnegut as directed by Greg Callozzo at Stage 773 in Chicago, a set of dances to the “Passionate Pilgrim” poems as composed and sung by Majel Connery, and solos Mad Rush and Fan Piece, After Ezra Pound.

Improvisation, 28 June 2016 (to my distress, the sound has been removed from this video — watch here instead)

Improvised Movement Installation with Dmitri Peskov at Hyde Park Salon, 5 March 2016

Rehearsing Fan Piece, For Her Imperial Lord, photos by Raymond Larrett


Rehearsing 4SEE with Kinetech, photos by Mark McBeth

166-130806 Kinetech-3975

160-130806 Kinetech-3968

130806 Kinetech-3983

Kinetech, dancing Fiat Flux with Katherine Disenhof, choreography by Daiane Lopes da Silva

kinetech irene at codame kinetech irene and katherine kinetech irene and katherine 2

Dancing Cascade at the Smart Museum of Art with Yael Vidan in front of a painting by Bingyi Huang

Photo by Yi Cui yearning13

Dancing Yael Vidan’s Shtaim

shtaimDSC_0404 shtaimDSC_0388 shtaimDSC_0378


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