Irene Hsiao



photo by Andrew Sherman

I have appeared with Kinetech Arts, Lenora Lee Dance, Alma Esperanza Cunningham Movement, Winifred Haun & Dancers, South Chicago Dance Theatre, Yin He Dance, Carole McCurdy, Erica Mott Productions, Labayen Dance/SF, Matter Dance, Glory Dance, MC Squared, Urban Pointe Evoc’tion, Jamie Horban, and various other projects in the US and Asia.

I also write about dance and create dances, often improvised, often site-specific, often inspired by visual art. Instagram is my lab notebook.

Individual projects include Monster StudiesInside My Room Is Another Fish Bowl, DIALOGO DIALOGO, Untitled: After Tang Chang, The Radiant and the Dead, and 49 encounters with chiçiçiçichiciçi.

Other selected works include Cascade, a collaboration with Yael Vidan to the original music of Yao Chen, presented in the lobby of the Smart Museum of Art, the opening and closing numbers to Drupelets, a play based on the short stories of Kurt Vonnegut as directed by Greg Callozzo at Stage 773 in Chicago, a set of dances to the “Passionate Pilgrim” poems as composed and sung by Majel Connery, and solos Mad Rush and Fan Piece, After Ezra Pound.

Improvisation, 9 September 2018

Improvisation, 28 June 2016 (to my distress, the sound has been removed from this video — watch here instead)

Improvised Movement Installation with Dmitri Peskov at Hyde Park Salon, 5 March 2016

Rehearsing Fan Piece, For Her Imperial Lord, photos by Raymond Larrett


Rehearsing 4SEE with Kinetech, photos by Mark McBeth

166-130806 Kinetech-3975

160-130806 Kinetech-3968

130806 Kinetech-3983

Kinetech, dancing Fiat Flux with Katherine Disenhof, choreography by Daiane Lopes da Silva

kinetech irene at codame kinetech irene and katherine kinetech irene and katherine 2

Dancing Cascade at the Smart Museum of Art with Yael Vidan in front of a painting by Bingyi Huang

Photo by Yi Cui yearning13

Dancing Yael Vidan’s Shtaim

shtaimDSC_0404 shtaimDSC_0388 shtaimDSC_0378


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